Welcome to The Claywell family history website. This project began in 2000 and has taken various forms over the past decade or so. The goal of the site is simple: create an online genealogy source for the family trees in my daughter's lineage. These include: Claywells, Beatys, Parks, Smiths and Wrights.

The challenge with the project has been one of organization. Through my own research and the research of others I have gathered a significant amount of information on most of the family trees. The issue has been keeping them online in a way that people can find them, search the records or simply browse the content.

This current design is an attempt to make research easier for anyone needing information on the five family trees mentioned above.


The layout for each of the family trees is the same. There is a opening page with an update explaining what is currently known about the family tree. At the bottom of the update will be three boxes that are designed for the casual historian who is more interested in photographs, videos, articles, or what the latest blog update is about.

Each page has a right side bar with more detailed information about the person being investigated. This information will include land records, marriage and divorce records, birth records, military records, death certificates or any available records proving the person's family lineage.


Bill Claywell:1931-2000 View

Article: Champ Ferguson

Once I discovered the Civil War history of Clinton County, Kentucky and Overton and Fentress counties, Tennessee -- I became really interested in its impact on the Beatys. Here is an article I wrote for another site about what may have happened.